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Egypt | Aida El Ayoubi | Cairokee | Ya El Medan | كايروكي و عايده الايوبي | English Subbed

Egyptian anthem about Tahrir Square by Egypt's leading revolutionary band, Cairokee featuring Egyptian singer/songwriter Aida El Ayoubi. 

Aida El Ayoubi

Aida El Ayoubi
Aida born in Germany Aachen (German mother – Egyptian father), rased in Egypt received the German Abitur and graduated from AUC with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

Produced three tapes as a singer, composer and songwriter carrying folkloric songs and started the musical career  with hit song Ala Bali 1991, Men Zaman 1993 and Rafik Omry 1996 Stopped singing for several years  and returned with the non commercial sufi music tape 2004 which was given to the Egyptian TV and broadcasted partially in Ramadan and some programs. 

As the production of the sufi music developed to an Egyptian German project to be released soon, Potsch Potschka already released one of the new compositions ”Burda Part 1″ which is one of the most famous poems dedicated to Prophet Mohamed  on his album “Varieties Of Truth“ 18. March 2011 as part of his collection.

Also she dedicated a song to the revolution of 25 January 2011 link released in February 2011.



 Cairokee live from Tahrir - Sherif Hatem El Hawary, Sherif Mostafa, Tamer Hashem und Amir Eid

Cairo-Kee, the name is aspired from both the words Cairo and karaoke which means singing along with Cairo.  The band first, started by the name “The Black star” which means the unseen star, where they used to play English covers. But the band was seriously formed in the year 2003, ever since the band has performed live in various places. The idea of playing music and performing live was a childhood dream for all the members of the band.

This was brought to life when Amir (vocal) and Hawary (guitarist) when they started singing in Arabic out of humor, really. They thought to themselves why not take it seriously and go Arabic all the way, since it’s their mother tongue while blending it with the Rock influences they have grown to love and admire: this created a really exotic and if nothing else, really interesting form of music. Later on, Tamer, Chris and Yamen joined them, with Tamer on drums, Chris working the keyboards, and Yamen on Bass. Unfortunately though, Yamen had to split the band to pursue his studies abroad an was later replaced by current bass player Haitham Ehab. Chris then left to Libya for business at one of the most crucial times in the history of the band, leaving them with no choice but to rearrange the songs. For sometime they were sort of obliged to perform as a quartet, which wasn’t something that totally bothered them. During that period, the band immensely matured both commercially and musically. This was the turning point that helped them build a strong base for their future plans. Later on, Adam (saxophone) and Bahaa (oriental percussions) joined them adding a twist of flavor to the band.!/cairokee



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